Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The "Yes it's summertime, but we'll stay underground and clammy rather than sunny" playlist

The title says it all, I guess...
Andreas Dorau - 40 Frauen (Superpitcher Remix) (2005)

Manfredas - Pink Industry (2014)

Das Bierbeben - Alles Fällt (Losoul Worldwide Remix) (2006)

DJ Koze - Cicely (2007)

Idjut Boys - Smokin' Balls (Main Balls) (2005)

Chantal - Chanta Uno (2009)

Mickey Moonlight - Love Pattern (Isolée Remix) (2010)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

DtB tape #16 : Candyblasta

I've discovered Candyblasta few month ago while looking for new tracks... listening to one of the last Permanent Vacation release called "Hippocratic Oath", from the original mix to the remix, this EP totally blew my mind! Then talking with Max (1/2 of Candyblasta)... the wish to ask for a podcast from them was too strong!! And here it came (thanks again amigos)... and by the way this is the very first mix-podcast-selection of the band.... So, enjoy this trip!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Carefreeness summer

Thank you so much Cani & Jenice for this lovely cover!!  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DtB tape #15 : Future Feelings

Future Feelings provide an excellent selection from Nu-Disco to House! La classe!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last night

1st hour of the Dj set recorded last night @ LdN bar
01- Lawrence - Teaser (Mix4)
02- Efdemin & Kassian Troyer - Blount
03- Theo Parrish - Serengeti Echoes
04- Nufrequency - Fallen Hero (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
05- Move D - Sur Un Bateau Avec Eric (Underwater vocals by Eric D. Clark)
06- Smallpeople & Rau - Meadows
07- Awanto 3 - Boogiedownpopke
08- Christopher Rau - Mehris Mood
09- Jordan GCZ - Crybaby J
10- SCSI-9 - Senorita Tristeza
11- Dj Koze - Blume Der Nacht
12- Superpitcher - More Heroin
13- Still Going - Still Going Theme
14- Gunjah & Nicone - Disko 90

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Darkness Has Never Been So Bright #6

6e volet de la série Darkness Has Never Been So Bright ce soir.
Nous renouvelons l'expérience lumineuse à La dame Noir au bar & au Dancing.

Dance under psychedelics disco lights au bar de La dame Noir ce soir, 23h-02h.
Dj Set : Antho Nabet (Down the Blouse) ...
... & nous donnons des invit' pour l'entrée au Dancing (à retirer uniquement au bar ; sinon 10$ sur place au club)

LdN Dancing : Minuit - 06h
Dj Steef (Biomix / Retrofit) & Relatif Yann (LdN / 888)


Playlist Antho :

Event Fb :

Friday, May 9, 2014

DtB tape #14 : Lokier

Lokier is mexican & our second guest on the blog for a fantastic one hour mix. Don't miss her this summer in Marseille,
say hello to Lokier!
We always answer for track ID, so don't be shy if your Shazam's off.

Friday, April 4, 2014

In the darkness.. Again

Ils sont sur tous les fronts:
Premiers invités du podcast pervers : DtB 13
Guest de la prochaine Darkness Has Never Been So Bright @ LdN DANCING ce samedi.
Cette semaine, les spanish DISKO SELECTORS ne vous laissent pas d'autre choix que de danser sur leur house lascive, sombre et aphrodisiaque.

LdN bar toujours fermé (réouverture le 17/04!)
Rdv au Dancing direct, à partir de minuit:
Disko Selectors 
Relatif Yann
Antho Nabet

Event Fb:

Playlist Antho

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DtB tape #13 : Disko Selectors

Disko Selectors from Valladolid (Spain) are our first guests for the new season of podcast.
Here is one hour of slow and mystic electronic music.
No tracklist - but we answer here, or there or there to any question

Saturday, March 22, 2014

l'odyssée de la muerte

Tonight, dark disco and slow techno in a tiny bar in Niort. No joke,
check the event:
A no-sense playlist for a no-sense party

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Lack of posts here for few weeks... But there's still some activies down the blouse.
Some events to come this month, from Niort (event here) to Marseille (event here).
Season 1 of the podcast is now over... but Season 2 is about to start very very soon with some lovely guests as well!
Impossible to miss the past, so as a recap, here's the Season 1

Stay connected and keep on being voyeur

Friday, January 31, 2014


Demain, double shot.
1) Antho Nabet @ Le Pointu sur le cours d'Estienne d'Orves, 21h-01h
2) Jack Ollins, Magi-K & Antho Nabet @ Studio 7 Wunderbar
All night long

Double list:

Event :

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Voyeur Tape #11

© Bianca Nardo

Happy slow year and deep wishes.

1- CANDYBLASTA "Hippocratic Oath (Drvg Cvltvre Dub Mix)"
2- KALIDASA "Induction"
3- UNKNOWN "Unknown"
4- LOVE & ROCKETTS "Ball Of Confusion (Alvaro Cabana Edit)"
5- WILD EDITS 001 "Special Forces (Red Axes Edit)"
7- APP "Push It"
8- OB IGNITT "Celestial Salacious"
9- MR. HO & FLORIAN BLAUENSTEINER "Crescendeux (Roman Rauch 46x17 Remix)"
10- TRAUMPRINZ "Believe"
11- BOOGIE NITE "Make Me Hot (Rahaan Sexy Mix)"

Friday, January 10, 2014

In the darkness... you'll see so well.

3e édition Darkness Has Never Been So Bright samedi à La dame Noir.
Installation de lumières sans inhibition au bar (Notre Dame du Mont):

Expérience lumineuse psyché dans un étourdissant nuage disco à partir de 21h, jusqu'à 2h.
Dj set: Antho Nabet.

La nuit continue (toujours sous la lumière) au Dancing ft. Pete Herbert & Relatif Yann
invitations à retirer au bar! (ou 10e sur place)

Playlist Antho:
Copyshop - Lipps (Pete Herbert Remix) (listen)
Usio - Tiger Me (listen)
Martyn - Seventy Four (Redshape remix) (listen)
Greg Beato - PMA (listen)
Edward - Naxa (listen)
Moomin - Watermelon (listen)
Pete Herbert - At The Disco Last Night (listen)
Event Facebook :