Monday, January 16, 2017

Un repress pour passer l'hiver

“The album was recorded in the northern Canadian town of Huntsville where BGC was living at the time and is a beautiful fusion of personal vision, technology and place.”
Out soon on Invisible City Edition

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Superpitcher is back. THE GOLDEN RAVEDAYS : 1 album to be discovered each month through 12 EPs in 2017.
A- Hey Little Raver
B- Snow Blind

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Music from Memory : toujours la classe

D' excellentes sorties en 2016... Ca ne va pas s'arrêter en 2017 notamment avec la compilation Outro Tempo - Elctronic and Contemporary Music from Brazil, 1978 - 1992... Un premier extrait : Andréa Daltro "Kiua" : version sortie en 88, reprise du titre de Sexteto Do Beco... Simple merveille. Vite l'été.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


In case you missed it... the last 1st of january, I've started posting a song on this tumblr every single morning... It might be around 365 youtube links (few links are dead) today... I will keep on sharing a song a day for 2017... It's now time to run for seafood and good wine... Happy nu year!! antho

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Donnez moi un plaid

Un album à écouter au lit. Et surtout ne rien faire d'autre.

Friday, December 23, 2016


Christmas is not only about jazz and 90s blockbusters soundtracks. Here, ambient, krautrock & leftfield are around the table softly mixed for an outerspace christmas dinner. Hope you’ll like it… Merry X-mas

1- Plinth - For C.S. (Kit Recs)
2- Four Tet - Castles Made Of Sand (Late Night Tales)
3- Scott Walker & Wally Stott - Butterfly (Philips)
4- Becker, Stegmann, Zeumer - Abends (Music From Memory)
5- Karl Heinz Schafer - La Belle Poupée (Motors)
6- Sufjan Stevens - Alanson, Crooked River (Asthmatic Kitty)
7- The White Noise - Firebird (Island Records)
8- The Orb - Sex (Panoramic Sex Heal) (Kompakt)
9- Sister Irene O Connor - Fire (Philips)
10- Matias Aguayo - Rita (Soul Jazz)
11- Starfuckers - In Primo Luogo (Sometimes Records)
12- Alan Vega - No More Christmas Blues (ZE Records)
13- Pascal Comelade - Chanson (Monsieur Vinyle Records)
14- Wolf Müller & Cass - Miyazaki (International Feel)
15- Sun Ra - Introduction (from "In Some Far Place: Roma 77") (Strut)
16- Actress - Xoul Particles (Werk Discs)
17- A. Frydman & M. Cannone - Hiver (Sonimage)
18- Gene Wilder - Pure Imagination (Paramount Records)
19- Zarate_Fix & Dj Sotofett - Solar Mixxx (Thug US)
20- Ahmad Jamal - Snowfall (Chess)
21- Children's Instrumental Ensemble - Instrumental Rondo (Angel Records)
22- Roberto Musci - Lullabies... Mother Sings... Father Plays... (Music From Memory)
23- The Qualities - Happy New Year To You! (Strut)
Download Link (Available from Friday December the 23th to Friday December the 30th).

Thursday, December 22, 2016

the random list 2016

Bye Bye 2016... Thanks god we've listened to some nice things this year... In a totally random order :

Sky Girl : Compiled by Dj Sundae & Julien Dechery (Efficient Space)
Digital Zandoli (Heavenly Sweatness)
Carla Dal Forno - You Know What It's Like (Blackest Ever Black)
Patrick Cowley - Candida Cosmica (Dark Entries)
Dark Slice 01(La dame Noir)
T&P - Shoot The Freaks (Beats In Space)
Andrew Weatherall - Convenanza & Consolamentum (Rotters Golf Club)
Junto Club - Shiviana (Snap Crackle & Pop)
Benjamin Ball - Flash a Flashlight (Gerd Janson Dub) (Cultures of Soul)
Midnite Spares: Compiled by András and Instant Peterson (Efficient Space)
Joanna Brouk - Hearing Music (Numero Group)
Sascha Funke - In Relationen (Multi Culti)
Lord Of The Isles - In Waves (ESP)
Michael Chapman - Lescudjack (Lexx Edit) (Emotional Rescue)
Le Syndicat des Scorpions (longue vie!)
Rebolledo - Mondo Alterado (Hippie Dance)
Cara Stacey - Things That Grow (kitrecs)
Rouge Mécanique - Don't Touche My Sister (Rouge Mécanique Musique)
Benedikt Frey - Out Of Here (Hivern)
Alien Alien - Perfidia (Malkta Tuti)
Surinam Funk (Rush Hour)
most of Les Disques de La Mort Releases (++ Dj Oil, The First Time (Lokier Remix))
Montezumas Rache & Dominik Von Senger : EP (Golf Channel)
Michal Turtle - Phantoms of Dreamland (Music From Memory)
45 ACP - Graveyard Shift (L.I.E.S.)
Pete Gooding & Mark Barrott compile : La Torre Volumen Uno (La Torre)
Get A Room! - Dig Out Your Spade 003 (Small Time Cuts)
Ondo Fudd - Blue Dot (The Trilogy Tapes)
Schmoltz ‎– Bah027 (Bahnsteig)
Yula Kasp ‎– Ocean Blues (Remixes) EP (KTDJ)
Unknown Artist ‎– Decent International 01 (Decent International)
Piero Umiliani ‎– Effetti Musicali (Cindedelic)
Mr Fingers 2016 (Alleviated)
Vibe 3 (Future Times)
Lena Platonos - Sun Masks (Dark Entries)
Leon Vynehall ‎– Midnight On Rainbow Road (Rush Hour)
Finis Africae ‎– Amazonia (EM)
Leo Mas Presents Mediterraneo: Rare Balearica (Music for Dreams)
James Holden & Camilo Tirado / Luke Abbott ‎– Outdoor Museum Of Fractals / 555Hz (Border com)
Sano - la Grua (Tolouse Low Trax The Interview remix) (Comeme)
Sfire - Sfire 3 (Talabot Tribalist Rework) (Cocktail D'Amore)
Deux Filles ‎– Space & Time (Les disques du crépuscule)
Shitân ‎– Disco Shitân (Best Record Italy)
Jordan GCZ ‎– Lushlyfe II
Dip In The Pool ‎– On Retinae (Music From Memory)
Prins Thomas - Principe Del Norte (Smalltown Supersound)
Car Axes (KDJ)
... and too many good mixtapes from Vladimir Ivkovic, Oedipe Purple, Noblazoblij, Lovefingers, Tako, Dj Sundae, Manfredas, Lena Willikens, ...

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Greetings from Hippie Dance

After announcing the future release of A VERY NICE COMBINADO VOLUME DOS* (to be out the 27th of January 2017), the church of Hippie Dance presents and offers the first track of the FANTASTIC TWINS new EP (out later in 2017).

* Tracklisting
A1. Paulor – La Race
A2. Roman Flügel – Deo (Pachanga Boys New Blazer Edit)
A3. Fantastic Twins – Holiday
B1. Kasper Bjørke – Choir Of Young Ravers
B2. Zombies In Miami – Flashback Mantra

Monday, December 12, 2016

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dear Santa

Nouvelle obsession... Un morceau entendu il y a quelques mois dans la
Far Away Mixtape de Lovefingers et re écouté par hasard en début de semaine... Ca aurait été trop simple que Google réponde à ma requête "Starlight+Picnicing+mp3" ou "Starlight+Picnicing+rar"... Bien évidemment un lien discogs, un lien Youtube et basta cosi... Au moment de rentrer sur Discogs, je ne me fais pas non plus trop d'illusion sur l'accessibilité du 12"... et bim! un exemplaire en vente : état "G" (good), 700$... Bye!

Je ne vais pas perdre de temps à demander si quelqu'un - par hasard - n'aurait pas une copie oubliée en haut d'une étagère à léguer pour l'équivalent de 2 pints en happy hour ou attendre qu'un label se décide à le rééditer (même si ça va arriver on le sait...)... En revanche, si tu es de passage ici et qu'un jour l'internet t'a offert une version .mp3 de bonne qualité de cette petite bombe, n'hésite surtout pas à m'envoyer un message...  Je te serai éternellement reconnaissant!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sascha Funke - Early 90s Rave Anthems

©Marco Dos Santos

Talking about Dj/producer, there is the one who are only excellent behind hardware producing electronic gems and there is others who feels more comfortable behind turntables with a records collection to share. Sascha Funke excellently gathers these two skills. Back in 2011, he electrified La dame Noir Dancing all night long with an hypnotic set. "Mango", "Ey", "Safety First", remixes for Noze, Superpitcher and more recently "Alles In Allem" are classic pieces of electronic music at its finest.

I, for one, first heard about Sascha around 2006 when I was spending a lot of time through the internet looking for new music … I remember this "catchy" cover compilation shot by Axl Jansen for the Boogybytes vol 2 (BPitch Control) mixed by Sascha Funke which brought me to Sascha's universe... where I heard 72 minutes of emotional and trippy techno.

After a bunch of excellents EP for Kompakt, BPitch and a beautiful project with his partner in crime life (Julienne Dessagne aka 'The Twins') as Saschienne, Mr Funke is back on Multi Culti with two EPs "In Relationen" & "In Reaktionen".
The first one gathers four new hypnotic tracks between haunted house and deep krautrock.

The second is the perfect "reaction" to the first one and offers another original composition : the totally psychedelic "In Reaktionen" plus remixes for Relationen by Kasper Bjorke, Autarkic and Crowdpleaser.

So now, I let you enjoy a playlist of ten "all time" rave classics selected and commentated by Sascha Funke, have a good listening...

1- Tune - "Change The Beat“

Old classic from R & S Records with the typical submarine sound you can hear in many tracks from that period.

2- DJ Edge - "Compnded"

One of my favorite labels at that time. I bought all of them. The sublabel Rabbit City Records was fantastic too.

3- Love Inc. - "R.E.S.P.E.C.T".

Mike Ink aka Wolfgang Voigt in his element on beautiful colored vinyl. Force inc. used to be the most important German label.

4- THK - "France" (Mars Mix)

I would call it trance house. I listened to that track in every club in Berlin around 1992/93.

5- Marmion - "Schöneberg" (Kid Paul Remix)

A real Berlin anthem. Kid Paul was one of the best DJs in town, unfortunately he stopped his career too early.

6- Brainstorm - "TZ9"

I played it lately in my podcast for Trax Magazine. Sounds still young and fresh to me.

7- C.Y.B. - "Now"

Something from Italy. The label UMM released many commercial tracks but sometimes you could found some good music.

8- Edge of Motion - "Set up 707"

One of the first records I bought at Hardwax. This is what acid music is for me.

9- Modular Expansions Unit 1 - "Cubes"

Another record from Belgium. It was the leading country for electronic music at that time.

10- Caustic Window - "Cordialatron"

An early alter ego of Aphex Twin. There is a breakbeat version of „Popcorn“ on the flipside.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Au revoir David

I'm not that much in the RIP thing... but another BIG one is gone... it deserves at least a post and better than words a mix from David.

Does It Feel Like Autumn?

©Charlotte Bracegirdle

"Non-planned-Mix" are my favorites... I try to alway press "REC" before playing few tracks at home to catch the moment and the unexpected ... sometimes it works for a good podcast, home recording or whatever (and sometimes not). Well something great to listen to, in my humble opinion.
It is what happened yesterday after a long day at work.. There is essentially recent tracks (which was not on purpose either). Feel free to share if you appreciate it. Cheers!

1- Rouge Mécanique - Ampedusa/Xaver
2- Oklo Gabon - City Gym (Lena Willikens Remix)
3- Sascha Funke - In Relationen
4- Auntie Flo - Mandla In Space (Mark E Remix)
5- Junto Club - Ikiryo (Smagghe & Cross Version)
6- Man Power - Hunting Swan (Jmii Remix)
7- Middle Sky Boom, Eliezer - Prism Birds
8- Red Axes - Waiting For Surprise (Waiting For Manfredas Remix)
9- Plus Instruments - Love Is Enough (Khidja Remix)
10- Save! - The Darkness (I:Cube Remix)
11- Andrew Weatherall - We Count the Stars (Unloved Remix)